Charles Leaver is Leading Ziften to Greener Pastures

Charles Leaver

Currently, Charles Leaver serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of elite cybersecurity firm Ziften. One reason for that is his reputation as an expert in his field. Chuck’s tech career began in 1982 and in the 35-plus years since, he has played important roles as an entrepreneur and a senior executive, but also as a sales and management specialist. Chuck Leaver is known as a skilled advisor in a number of tech fields, primarily in the mobile and media sectors.

Perhaps Charles Leaver was drawn into the cybersecurity area of the tech business because he at one time managed, operated and owned technologically advanced lottery systems on several continents, including South America, Asia and Europe. Chuck Leaver is acknowledged to be highly skilled and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of tech and cyber security, and he has shown that he has the ability to bring all sorts of new technologies to market. He can also devise and successfully execute very complex business plans, and he also has a talent for both raising huge amounts of capital and building out innovative, cutting-edge organizations from scratch.