How Charles Leaver Got Where He Is

Charles LeaverZiften CEO Charles Leaver is highly regarded throughout the tech sector as someone who has a knack for successfully guiding innovative companies to the point where they push the edge of technology and move them into new markets. However, it is perhaps his high level of skill in the area of cybersecurity that has placed Charles Leaver in the position in which he finds himself. His cybersecurity penchant likely came from the time he owned, operated and managed several technologically advanced lottery systems throughout the world, including some in South America, Asia and Europe.

The fact of the matter is, Charles Leaver is peerless when it comes Tonia ability to bring innovative new security technologies to market and his ability to make money with them. That may be why he is enormously optimistic about the future of cybersecurity. He believes the opportunities are endless. For example, he believes the “Internet of Things” will create a range of opportunities for innovators in the cybersecurity field. That means Ziften will be in an enviable position and will make great strides during the next phase of the technological revolution.