Cybersecurity as a Business, with Chuck Leaver

Long before he became CEO at cybersecurity firm Ziften, Charles Leaver served the company as its chairman and he even performed extremely well at that effort. Prior to landing at Ziften, however, he also served as a capital partner with Trellis Partners, a Texas venture capital firm. When you look at the experience he has accumulated to date, the claims that Chuck has seen the tech business from all angles might be a serious understatement, as he has repeatedly shown a high level of skill in all aspects of technology.

While he is a particular expert in cybersecurity, Charles Leaver has earned a lot more respect than that he receives from his time with Ziften. That company has risen to be one of the most prominent tech companies out there, but since the beginning of his tech career in 1982, Chuck Leaver has been an entrepreneur, a senior executive, a sales and management specialist and advisor at various times.

Chuck Leaver is highly regarded in all areas of the tech sector as someone with a particular skill for successfully guiding companies to push a technological edge and move them into new, untapped markets. Best of all, he knows exactly which systems are needed to protect them and keep them safe. It is a skill he learned when he owned, operated and managed a number of innovative and technologically sophisticated lottery systems all over the world. Charles Leaver believes that the future of cybersecurity will be a fruitful one, with the coming”Internet of Things” bringing a whole new range of security challenges that will have to be overcome.