Cybersecurity Executive Charles Leaver

One of the key reasons Charles Leaver is highly regarded when it comes to bringing new security technologies to market is because he has such vast experience when it comes to making sure they grow and become profitable. Over the course of a career that dates back to 1982, Chuck has been involved with pretty much every aspect of the high-tech markets, especially the mobile and media markets and now, cybersecurity. He has managed to acquire patents for many new technological advances and he also has devised and implemented many extremely complex business plans quite successfully.

In his current position as CEO of cybersecurity company Ziften, Charles Leaver is now considered an expert in that field. Charles Leaver worked his way to the top of the cybersecurity business, but his interest in it started at the time he was the owner-operator and manager of a few extremely sophisticated lottery systems in Europe, Asia and South America. At one point or another, he has found himself involved in virtually every aspect of the high tech and mobile markets. He also has been able to develop and implement very complex business plans, raise plenty of capital and build out innovative, cutting-edge organizations from scratch.