Charles Leaver’s Thirty Years of Experience

Charles Leaver has spent more than thirty years working in media, mobile, and high tech. These are fields which have attracted his interest and in which he has thrived as an entrepreneur. The business world is something Chuck Leaver understands, perhaps better than most. This is, at least in part, because of a career that spans three decades and which has allowed him to be involved in multiple companies across several industries. He has even been involved in ventures across international borders, working as an international businessman at times.

Chuck Leaver has given himself the best possible chance to be successful. In the world of business, that means earning experience, working hard, and maintaining a commitment to excellence in all phases of the work being done. Charles Leaver has proven himself to be a capable and efficient executive leader. The results speak for themselves.

Today, Chuck Leaver serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Ziften, a company that provides high quality software solutions to their clientele. Charles Leaver understands this business especially well because he has previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors as well. As such, he understood what was needed in order for the company to be successful long before he ever took over as CEO. He was quick to accept the offer to become CEO of Ziften because he saw that the company had all that it needed in order to be successful except strong executive leadership with a vision.